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I'm a Swede who lives in Denmark and who considers the world my playground. I have spent the majority of the last few years working and studying abroad (Singapore, USA, France, UK, Bangladesh, and beyond). I work as an early-stage investor (pre-seed to series A) at byFounders - a Copenhagen-based VC fund - where I get a chance to work with kick-ass entrepreneurs and colleagues on an everyday basis. In December 2019, I graduated with an MBA from INSEAD where I was lucky to not only learn from some of the best professors in the world but also get to know the most amazing people I've encountered in my life. If you ever get an opportunity to be surrounded by people from 70+ countries - take it! You will not regret it. Before my MBA I worked at Danske Bank - one of the largest retail banks in the Nordics - where I was leading a cross-functional team with the responsibility to implement their first-ever group-wide strategy. With 21,000+ employees spread across 16 countries and a money-laundering scandal surfacing after only a few months into the job - I can easily say that it's the biggest professional challenge I've ever taken on. Luckily, transformational change is a great passion of mine that I developed during my 3 years working as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company. My pre-consultant life included studies at Stockholm School of Economics, where I attained my bachelor's degree, State University of New York, where I attained a certificate in international business, and University of West Georgia, where I was able to experience college life in the deep south of the US. I was also able to squeeze in a couple of months of French studies in Lyon, France. But, what I'm more thankful for than my academic endeavors are my work experiences, including work with social business at Grameen Foundation, online advertising at the commercial offshoot of Wikipedia called (Fandom), PR at StormNY  in New York, cooking and serving burgers for almost 5 years at McDonalds, taking care of elderly as a home-help for 3 years and working in the production line across different factories. My love for entrepreneurship started early and led me into co-founding a dancing school as a 17-year old, starting one of Sweden's largest networks for young entrepreneurs UF Alumni, spending countless hours working as an inspirational speaker and moderator (most of it pro-bono), touring Europe as the national coordinator for JA-YE Alumni, winning the award "Business Creator of the Year", being elected to the president of Entrepreneurship Society at SSE, interning at the social media start-up MyCube in Singapore and being announced as one of Sweden's 101 Supertalents by the Swedish Business magazine "Veckans Affärer". What really shaped me though, was when I got the opportunity to travel the world with a backpack, take a skydiving license, volunteer on a youth company competition in Argentina, be a board member of the women business network BBB, work as project manager of the Female Economist Of the Year and other activities that promote entrepreneurship and gender equality. That's more than enough information about the good things in life - let's instead check out my CV of failures which I created in 2015 (and will update soon since it's missing 5 years of failures - and trust me, there's been many!).

CV of success
CV of failures
"No One Remembers a Coward"
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